Conceptual Artworks

All is about Ideas and Meanings. The side of view of an artist, it might be different than viewer's mind

A zebra eating at a fantasy field with birds and foliage © Lena Kiagia |
Happy Field
Cat hiding behind the rock. Imaginary landscape © Lena Kiagia |
Hide and Seek
Enjoying the Beach
Enjoying the Beach
Horse in Moonlight © Lena Kiagia |
Night Squirrel © Lena Kiagia |
Night Squirrel
Above the clouds © Lena Kiagia |
Above the clouds
The Cabin © Lena Kiagia |
The Cabin
It's Mine © Lena Kiagia |
It's Mine
Stoned © Lena Kiagia |
Moonlight © Lena Kiagia |
Loving Raccoon
Loving Raccoon
A train gets in to a cabin. Imaginary world © Lena Kiagia |
The Hotel
The Temples and Highway. Fantasy environment © Lena Kiagia |
The Temples
a Bicycle ride in a peculiar desert © Lena Kiagia |
The Ride
a Bicycle ride in a peculiar desert © Lena Kiagia |
The Snake
Harmony © Lena Kiagia |
eagle in a cage. Fantasy scene © Lena Kiagia |
The Cage
Away from Home © Lena Kiagia |
Away from Home
Porcurine © Lena Kiagia |
Squirrels steeling food © Lena Kiagia |
Storm © Lena Kiagia |
Sleeping Kitty © Lena Kiagia |
Sleeping Kitty
The Mushroom Cave © Lena Kiagia |
The Mushroom Cave

Print on Demand

High Resolution Digital Designs that can be printed on  Art Boards, Canvas, Photographic Paper, various materials. Art Board Print, Metal, Canvas, Wood Mounted Print, Photographic Print, Poster.

Prices are starting at 11.00€ based on size and material