Aesthetic Art

Abstract Colorful Aesthetic Art. The Philosophical View of Beauty

Imaginary World Night Travel © Lena Kiagia |
Night Travel
Monkey is chasing banana. Fantasy landscape © Lena Kiagia |
Monkey is chasing banana
Giraffes on a cliff in a foggy night © Lena Kiagia |
Foggy Night
Wild Park © Lena Kiagia |
Wild Park
Ancient Tree © Lena Kiagia |
Ancient Tree
Sleepy Deer Imaginary World © Lena Kiagia |
Sleepy Deer
An evening of exploration awaits a fox © Lena Kiagia |
Evening of Exploration
The Relaxation River © Lena Kiagia |
The Relaxation River
Away from Home © Lena Kiagia |
Away from Home
Green Field © Lena Kiagia |
Green Field
Nature vs Civilization © Lena Kiagia |
Nature vs Civilization
Nature and Humans © Lena Kiagia |
Nature and Humans
Husky. Animal Digital Portrait © Lena Kiagia |
The Husky
Naughty Monkey. Digital Oil Funny Portrait © Lena Kiagia |
Naughty Monkey
Yummy © Lena Kiagia |
Snake Lady © Lena Kiagia |
Snake Lady
Rhinoceros © Lena Kiagia |
Playful Kitty © Lena Kiagia |
Playful Kitty
Night Scenery © Lena Kiagia |
Another World
Night Rabbit © Lena Kiagia |
Exploring Night
Travelling in Desert © Lena Kiagia |
Travelling in Desert
Horses in a canyon © Lena Kiagia |
The Canyon
Chasing Wealth © Lena Kiagia |
Chasing Wealth
The Iguana Cave © Lena Kiagia |
The Iguana Cave

Print on Demand

High Resolution Digital Designs that can be printed on  Art Boards, Canvas, Photographic Paper, various materials. Art Board Print, Metal, Canvas, Wood Mounted Print, Photographic Print, Poster.

Prices are starting at 11.00€ based on size and material

3d Interior Wall Decor © Lena Kiagia |
3d Interior Wall Decor
3d Interior Wall Decor © Lena Kiagia |